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Media Financing

Founded for producers by producers, we’ve been on the front line of film production. Unlike a bank or traditional financier, we have the knowledge and expertise to structure flexible financing to solve any problem.

CBF secures financing partner for projects, producers and media companies alike. We focus on senior- secured financing opportunities, collateralized with firm assets, such as pre-sales/receivables contracts, tax credits, minimum guarantees, and negative pick-ups. Our flexible financing options include bridge loans, film union deposits, working capital, and gap loans.

If you are looking for speed, responsiveness and accountability, combined with deep experience in production, we can help build your dreams.

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The Challenge

Your success or failure can hinge on obtaining fast financing.

The media finance landscape is historically fragmented, unreliable and difficult to access. In a rapidly changing media landscape, streamlined access to capital for projects, producers and companies can be extremely challenging. Many producers have created a patchwork of sources to cover their budget. Oftentimes, financiers don’t fully understand the unique nature of the business, extending the time it will take to receive funds.

And when a project doesn’t reach completion, costs go even higher when the producer is forced to take it elsewhere. Too many times, a project won’t be produced at all because as the costs due to delays grow, the project budget grows to a level that no longer makes the film a marketable project. Being knowledgeable about how you wish to use financing, having an experienced financing partner, and being buttoned up from the very beginning can make or break your project.

The Solution

We provide capital solutions to content creators, enabling artists to produce quality content on a timely basis.

We secure senior-secured media lenders providing credit financing to film, television and new media projects. With credit financing for the film, television and new media projects, we provide loans, or an “advance”, which is secured by defined and unencumbered collateral, such as pre-sales agreements (i.e. Minimum Guarantees), tax credits and tax rebates, negative pick-ups, etc.

We also provide bridge loans, corporate loans, and cash flow solutions to media projects, producers and companies alike. If you are in the development phase, we can assist with the structuring and guidance of the finance plan.

When it comes to providing capital, we do so for projects that are in pre-production, production, post- production or completed, as long as there is sufficient unencumbered collateral available. Our end-to-end tech-enabled systems support every step of your experience while maintaining our personalized approach.

If your project financing opportunity has a significant element of unencumbered collateral (i.e. an asset without any lien or “charge”), CBF would be pleased to consider financing your project.

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